About Us

The Showroom is more than JUST  a boutique-we present you with a fashion retreat, an escape from the ordinary into a world where dress-up is extraordinary and fabulous is born.

We offer collections of haute couture dresses for the discerning woman. A delectable variety of colours and styles to choose from, where glamour knows no bounds. European-sourced fabrics and creative designers make for a range of dresses that are a  combination of opulence, sophistication, elegance and modern-day chic.We present you with the excellent quality, fit and tailoring of haute couture where looking  and feeling good doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Most of us have big dreams and little in our pockets, I was not any different-always on a quest to make income on the side and grow it into something  great eventually.Fortunately, I am lucky to be blessed with ambitious and encouraging  parents who suggested I pause in my pursuit to take over the world and focus on a more practical investment like importing designer wear or something more home-based. The plan was set in motion and  what began as a diversion from numbers and calculations in my honours year became a full-time business. Today, my  mom and I run the show from our very own walk-in closet.

With over 80 styles to choose from, our dresses compliment every style and every mind-set. So whatever you choose to create whether  it be climbing out of a carriage or performing in a movie montage, we have you covered. From plain Jane to Belle of the ball, this is where our passion lies-catering to your preferences and watching the metamorphosis unravel in our space is enchanting. So let's have  fun playing dress-up... the spotlight is brilliant, go ahead and show us your runway walk.